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Oct 8, 2018

: Episode 1164 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk Gina Grad's ankle and Don Coddington's daughter, Vinnie's previous shoulder issues which have kept him from this kayak trip, the fact that nurses and doctors in training can change the medical world, health-food lies, and more.



  • It's healthy to question authority
  • Not all doctors finish at the top of your class
  • If something your doctor says sounds weird or wrong, call them on it
  • If they can't explain the reasoning behind something to you, that should be a red flag
  • Don's daughter was told to take a ton of Advil
    • This, however, could cause stomach issues
    • Don will be speaking to the doctor as a result


  • Vinnie had issues before he played college football
    • Just aggravated those issues with that and a lot of his lifting afterwards
  • By Vinnie's 33rd birthday, he was on his second surgery
  • He could not raise his right arm at all
    • Had to shake hands with his left
    • Hardly could ride a bike at all
  • His arm basically atrophied in his forties
    • No muscle, could basically see the bone
  • Had a ream and run surgery
    • Different from any other shoulder replacement
    • For the worst of the worst shoulder injuries
  • Vinnie is still recovering from this surgery
    • It takes years to build a bit of cartilage back
    • He had also forgotten how to use his shoulder muscles in that arm
  • Part of why he hasn't done this kayak trip is because he rushed the recovery to try and do the trip too soon and hurt his shoulder
    • He is training slowly for it
    • He WILL get this done
  • Now, Vinnie has kayak friends!


  • Vinnie and Anna love hearing about podcast listeners in nursing and medical school
  • However, the limited nutrition lessons that teachers give are often focused around the SAD diet
  • A nurse-in-training's teacher told her fat calls diabetes
    • Don't believe everything your teachers tell you
  • Gary Fettke was persecuted for trying to save his patients' limbs
    • He recently had his name cleared, but it was a long battle
  • When you become a nurse or a doctor, spread the truth
    • It is YOU who can change the world
  • There are doctors and nurses doing the right thing out them
    • Join them in this quest to keep people healthy, not just keep people from dying 


  • It's hard to imagine foods we have been told are healthy are unhealthy
  • Ex: veggie juices seem healthy, but they're just straight sugar
  • Green tea frap is plain sugar
    • The 'good' from green tea does NOT outweigh the bad 
    • Has 50g of carbs in 12oz
      • In no world is this good for you!
  • Naked Juices are misleading - NOT good for you