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Jul 20, 2016

Episode 639 - Vinnie and Andy Schreiber clear up the very prevalent confusion, as seen on Twitter, around pre & post-workout nutrition.



  • Vinnie had his Ream and Run surgery by Dr. Matsen just about a year ago 
    • He was on a Friday show
  • Literally changed Vinnie's life
  • He had prior been walking around like a cripple and now has near full range of motion!
  • Wasn't able to ride his bike for the last couple of years before his surgery
    • Now, he can ride again, slow and steady
      • At the moment, he can ride like 2 hours without pain instead of 30 minutes


  • You don't need a powder or potion
    • That is ALL Bro Science
  • If you are NSNG and your body knows how to use ketones and fat, you may not need to eat before!
  • For example, this morning Vinnie had 2 eggs with 3 yolks with some MCT oil, full fat cream in his espresso, then rode 4 hours later without re-fueling 
    • Vinnie grabbed one tiny piece of beef jerky (NSNG jerky) as he walked out the door 


  • When Vinnie got off his bike, he had some salami and some hard cheese (Romano) and water 
  • Then he went to the shooting range
  • You don't need glutamine or anything like that 
  • "Recovery Drinks" are BS 
    • Might as well not have worked out and had a candy bar instead