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Sep 17, 2018

: Episode 1148 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two discuss the Fat Doc trailer, Anna's triage visit which resulted in overmedicating, breaking the addiction to sugar, and more!



  • The official trailer is out!
  • As of this posting, it has over 23,000 views
  • Check it out below, or on Youtube!
  • Share it with all of your friends and family, too
  • As you can see in the ad, we have tons of amazing luminaries
  • We are looking at the history of the SAD
  • When we try to get this doc on all of these streaming platforms, we need to go in with lots of views
  • Just as crowdfunding was integral, so will be getting views on this trailer
  • Share, share, and share!
  • This doc is NOT a method of fat-shaming
  • Like, comment, watch, start a conversation


  • Anna went to the doctor, urgent care type place
  • She had an asthma attack which is rare for her now that she's NSNG
  • They gave her TONS of drugs
  • Many doctors try to steamroll by compounding all of these drugs
  • Those who are really sick aren't going to ask questions, especially if they're desperate to feel better
  • Asthma medication is stupid expensive
  • Taking a steroid when you don't need a steroid is NOT good for your body


  • There is no fast track to losing weight
  • Your liver sees sweet and thinks SUGAR
  • Don't try to cheat the system
  • Break your addiction to sweets
  • "Proprietary" blend doesn't mean anything
  • Can still be a bunch of crap