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Jun 22, 2018

: Episode 1086 - South African Olympic paddler Oscar Chalupsky joins Vinnie this Friday to talk his paddling career, kayak companies, how and when to eat, and more on this episode!



  • An absolutely amazing athlete
    • Has done things in this world that nobody else has done
  • He paddles for a living
    • 55 years old!
  • Went to the Olympics in 1992 
    • Reached the semi-finals
  • Oscar is the founder and former VP of Epic Kayaks
  • Now he is the CEO of Nelo Kayaks
  • He is a 12 time Surfski World Champ
  • People like Oscar have inspired Vinnie to pursue this crazy LaFourche bayou kayak challenge 
  • He is an amazing kayak teacher
    • Will teach you to never ever fall out of your kayak
  • Eventually, Oscar realized there is such a thing as too much protein
    • After this, he ended up going on pretty much a ketogenic diet
  • He is a true ultra-athlete but will not even need food while he's doing it!
    • Heart rate, 119
    • 12 mph paddling
      • More than TWICE as fast than most
    • 4 hours of kayaking
    • Still doesn't need the carbs!
    • Oscar is living proof that "carbo-loading" and super high protein is not necessary 
  • Aerobic training is slow and steady