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Aug 20, 2018

: Episode 1129 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk desensitization to death, NSNG vs. other low carb diets, Fat Doc sneak peaks, and more.



  • NSNG is a low carb lifestyle
  • It is different than other low carb diets
  • Paleo is a throw-word now
    • Honey is on the table
    • It's a slippery slope
    • Not always low-carb
    • Some of Anna's dessert recipes are paleo (not always low carb)
    • Easy to sneak in sugar with paleo
  • Keto is not the same as NSNG
    • Keto diet also uses a lot of artificial sweeteners and crap like stevia
    • NSNG, you don't need to be in ketosis
    • Keto diet finds ways to cheat on the daily 
  • Atkins is a higher protein diet
    • The OG low carb diet
  • For NSNG, you should go super clean for the first 60 days
  • If you fall off the wagon, get right back on with the next meal
  • Gluten-free doesn't mean healthy
    • Lots of awful flours like soy flour
    • Corn, tapioca, other crap
    • Just as bad for you in many situations
    • Bad from a hormonal standpoint as well