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Aug 11, 2018

: Episode 1122 - Long-time NSNG listener Karen Parrott joins Vinnie today to discuss Low Carb USA, NSNG meetups, and Karen's great multi-year weight loss and good health journey, and how she's saved money by losing weight.



  • Karen attended the first NSNG meetup -- about 30 people attended including Andy, Serena, Anna, Tallulah, and Vinnie
  • She has been NSNG for a long time
  • Attended Low Carb USA the past couple of years
  • She's been listening to the show for ages!
  • Now, Vinnie is trying to break even for these meetups
    • He charges, but you get to go get food with him, exercise with him, etc.
    • Vinnie does a lot of free work as it is


  • She's lost about 70 lbs
  • Keeping it off is even more important than taking it off
  • She was a fat kid in the 70s
    • Fat on and off for about 40 years
    • Aging in reverse now!
  • Pre-diabetic prior to NSNG
  • Karen started with WW but it didn't work well
    • She realized it was BS and called them on it, too
  • Switched to paleo in part because of her thyroid issues, but was still eating too much dried fruit and nuts
    • 2013/14 switched over to low carb because she had done 23+me and had high risk levels 
  • This podcast helps keep people's health bills down
    • Her family's health insurance has changed and gotten cheaper!
    • Spends her money on vacations instead of healthcare bills