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Apr 23, 2018

: Episode 1044 - Vinnie and Anna talk about the fact that NSNG and the info Vinnie provides truly is free. They also discuss diet mentalities, and more, on this Monday show!



  • This podcast is free
  • The NSNG pdf is free as well
  • Vinnie spends hours on Twitter for free
  • Sure, his consults cost money, but that is his job!
    • He is spending time doing it
  • Not everything should be free
  • Vinnie doesn't sell a diet plan or anything like that
  • Vinnie and Anna sell things, but you NEVER have to buy them if you do not want to!
    • They both have books
    • So do ALL medical professionals like Dr. Jason Fung 
      • They make money off of their books
  • Sometimes, good info is worth paying for 
  • We ask people to shop at Amazon and use our link, but that isn't costing them anything


  • Vinnie and Anna sometimes eat breakfast, but not all the time
  • It is largely a mentality
  • If you are hungry, eat!
    • If not, wait until lunch
  • Some people like intermittent fasting, others do not