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Jan 5, 2019

: Episode 1127 - Body builder Steve Park joins Vinnie this Saturday for his fourth appearance on this podcast, and his first appearance in over a year and a half. The two talk model planes, natural body building, the harm of steroids, Fit competitions, and more.



  • Check out his most recent appearance from May of 2017 here!
  • Check out his first appearance from 2015 here
  • Steve is a body builder 
  • His story isn't one of huge transformation like many who come on this show
    • Not the sort of fitness success we celebrate so much
  • He is a natural body builder
  • Doesn't take any steroids, substances that are not natural 
  • He doesn't want to cheat the system or the sport 
  • It wouldn't be too hard to cheat, but it's a moral thing for Steve (and a health thing, too)
  • Many of these people who used steroids, etc., look awful now
    • You'd never think they were body builders once 
    • It really ruins your body
    • Lots of these folks die young 
  • In the old days, body building diet was essentially NSNG
    • Lots of high fat protein and veggies
    • Very little carbs and supplements 
  • Many people who use harmful compounds don't understand what it's going to do to their body
  • There are now such things as Fit Competitions - just about looking good
    • Mostly women
    • Some of them look totally different two weeks before a competition
      • Not only damaging for your physical health, but for your mental health, too
    • Many ask if they can look the same year round if they go NSNG
      • The answer is YES!
        • You may have slightly less muscle definition, but it is possible, and healthy!