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Apr 6, 2018

: Episode 1031 - Dr. Benjamin Bikman joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two discuss doctor hypocrisy, metabolic syndromes, ketones vs. insulin, and more.



  • Has a PhD in bioenergentics
  • Professor of biomedical science and others at BYU
  • A metabolism expert
  • Doesn't have hair
    • Knew that, in his 20s when he went bald, he had to stay in shape to compete
      • "Sweetheart, I'll never have hair, but my body will look great"
  • Check out some of his great work and information here!


  • Doctors ought to reflect what they preach
  • If a doctor tells a patient to lose weight, he better be thin or at least not fat
  • If a doctor tells a patient not to smoke, he better not stink of cigarettes
  • Hard for a patient to take a doctor seriously when he seems hypocritical
  • Doctors should lead by example


  • Metabolic issues are the root
    • Obesity, type 2 diabetes, and dementia all tie into metabolic disorders
  • Dr. Bikman studies metabolics because this is where the energy is
  • Hormones dictate what the body does with energy
  • Your body runs really well on ketones!
    • Dr. Bikman studies how your body runs on insulin vs. ketones
  • Ketogenic diet and low carb is an answer to these issues!