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Oct 19, 2018

: Episode 1171 - Vinnie and Peter Pardini talk overpriced meats in LA, bloating that comes with eating carbs, making movies efficiently (like the Fat Doc), the power of Oprah, and more on this Friday episode.



  • Vinnie and Peter love eating meat
    • Can eat a whole pound of steak and it doesn't make you feel bloated
  • Having a beer, conversely, has a worse effect
    • Vinnie had half a beer and felt bloated
    • Conversely, low carb scotch did not make him feel bloated


  • Like any good movie, making FAT Doc takes time
  • Peter is the director on this film
    • He is an amazing filmmaker and Vinnie is lucky to have him
  • We want to make sure we get this right, but we also are going as fast as we can
  • It's all about the hustle - we hope to have this out ASAP!
  • This is going to be a fact-based documentary featuring many experts and the history of the Standard American Diet
  • The first months it was slow going
  • Now it's coming together
  • We can't even use all the footage we got - we have too much
  • Going to use some other footage for pilots for other documentaries
  • Please check out the ad for Fat: A Documentary
  • Here is the link (at least watch for 30 sec and share with friends)
      • OR look below!
      • We need this to get this film distributed