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Dec 17, 2018

: Episode 1214 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk wild political correctness propagated by PETA, making holiday drinks NSNG®, Vinnie's parents make appearances, and more.



  • What PETA really wants is for people to not own pets whatsoever
  • They are absolutely off their rockers
  • In fact, they're listed as a shelter - people surrender their pets to them, and PETA puts those animals down
  • We are a society that loves our pets - PETA needs to get over it, or become a big, non-kill shelter
  • Good breeders go AFTER puppy mills 
    • PETA talks about puppy mills like people approve of them - they do NOT
  • Vinnie and Anna agree animals should not be sold in pet stores
  • But eating meat is where Vinnie and Anna disagree
    • Eating meat, particularly when slaughtered correctly, is natural and not wrong


  • During the holidays, there's lots of sugar around
  • Smells of caramel and cinnamon reminds Vinnie of the holidays as a child
  • Starbucks is selling a peppermint latte
    • May seem innocent, but it's full of sugar
  • Anna used to enjoy peppermint mocha lattes from Starbucks
    • 63g of sugar in one cup!!!
    • This is a chemical sh*!storm as well
    • Don't drink this
  • You can make it NSNG at home!
    • Melt some cacao, stir it in
    • Add some pure peppermint
    • Yes, it won't be sweet, but it will get the job done


  • Sugar cane is grown in the south
    • Cut the cane and then burn it
    • It's very bad for the environment 
      • Kills and displaces many animals
    • Growing agriculture can be environmentally harmful
    • Same with growing cotton - animals die when they harvest it