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Jul 14, 2018

: Episode 1102 - Greg Fizdale joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two talk the Carolla effect, going from LSLG to NSNG (low sugar low grains to no sugar no grains), his daughter's diet, and more!



  • First, Greg cut out the soda
  • He went from low sugar low grain to NO sugar NO grain
  • He and his wife got into it together
    • His wife is very thin, down to her high school weight
  • Greg has gone from 300+ to 188 in around a year
    • He lost a lot of it in the first two weeks
    • Sleeping improved a lot
  • Good blood work thus far
  • Has a bit of arthritis, but hopes that will improve!
  • They aren't super strict with their daughter's diet, but she loves eating healthy
    • Naturally, about 85% NSNG for his 4 year old