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Aug 24, 2018

: Episode 1131 - Founder and CEO of Low Carb USA Doug Reynolds joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss the filming of the Fat Doc, the amazing conference Doug run's, Low Carb USA, and more!



  • Vinnie attended this event to film for the Fat Doc
  • He spoke out of turn in the form of a joke about this event
    • Vinnie was wrong, and publicly apologizes
    • This event is amazing
  • Vinnie heard from everyone in the low carb community that he was wrong
  • Doug and his wife work hard to make this event as amazing as it is
  • Prior to the age of 40, Doug could work out and eat whatever he wanted
    • Eventually, he packed on a few pounds and no matter how much he exercised, he couldn't get it off and he found himself hurting
    • He found low carb/keto diet, and it helped not only his running but he lost those extra pounds
      • It beat the insulin resistance he had developed
  • Governmental dietary policies of 1977 totally screwed this country over
  • Doug is trying to make right all that has gone wrong because he knows low carb works
  • He has tons of doctors and experts in the field come and speak at this event
    • He takes his own money out of his pocket to make it work
  • Each year, more and more people attend
  • Most of the speakers have CME credits
    • "Continued medical education"
    • To make sure they keep up with the latest education and knowledge
    • These folks submit abstracts and the like which they have to get approved
    • This makes sure the speakers are properly vetted and knowledgable about the subject
  • Doug wants to provide doctors with the right environment
    • Eventually, low carb will become the standard of care 
  • We need to flood the market with events like Low Carb USA and products like Vinnie's movie and the F Bomb