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Jul 20, 2019

: Episode 1367 - On this Saturday show, low-carber Jeff Davis joins Vinnie and the two discuss his 350+ lbs life-saving weight loss journey, the carnivore diet, love and fat, and more.




  • Jeff doesn't necessarily do NSNG®
    • He is a low-carber
  • Doesn't know Vinnie super well
  • He is 47, 5'11.5", and weights 314 now
    • In 2001, he weighted 679 lbs
    • Obviously still has a ways to go
  • Jeff was a chubby kid, and got fat fairly quickly  
    • Played football and other sports
    • In 8th grade he was 275 lbs
      • Heavy-weight wrestler 
    • Fairly active as a kid and teen
  • Once he lost a good amount of weight, he looked in the mirror and didn't know who was looking back
    • Hard to explain, totally mind-boggling
    • Looks like "a fit dude spreading out of a fat person"
      • Still doesn't feel that he looks like him
  • When he lost a lot of weight, his marriage did come to an end
    • He freaked out, and got some wandering eyes from new attention
  • Found someone else that is also trying to lose weight
    • They get to go through this journey together
  • When he started his serious weight loss, he cut out some bread and other stuff
    • Lost about 200 lbs
      • Then got serious about low carb/keto and felt better and lost more 
  •  In 2001 he had gastric bypass
    • Got back up to 600+ lbs after this surgery
  • Carnivore diet appealed to him
    • "Biggest bang for my buck"
      • Feel that he's lost 80-100 lbs this way