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Jun 2, 2017

: Episode 829 - Author (The Vegetarian Myth), public speaker and former vegetarian Lierre Kieth joins Vinnie to discuss the damage that vegetarianism and veganism did to her body, her journey back to health, and the hatred she's received from the vegan community ever since.



  • Fantastic author
  • Gives lots of speeches
  • Former vegetarian but realized it was killing her
    • Became completely unhealthy 
    • She's treated poorly by the vegan community when she tells her story
      • The story is the truth!
      • This just makes her resent veganism/vegetarianism more
  • Our bodies are designed to eat meat and not too much sugar
  • Animal products are not the great evil
    • Lierre spent 20 years as a vegan, so she heard and believed this for a long time
      • Deep vegan, in the community
        • Now she is utterly out because it was all so awful 
  • ( More show notes on the way ... Check back later )