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May 7, 2018

: Episode 1054 - Peter Pardini joins Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino this Monday, and the three largely talk about Vinnie and Peter's new doc, Fat: A Documentary. Today is the first official day of our campaign, and we are more than 14% there already. Please consider contributing to our Indiegogo campaign, found here, and/or share with your friends. This will be the last documentary on health and fitness you ever need to see if we can make it happen, and make it happen right. Let's make Fat happen!



  • We're working with Peter Pardini on this
  • He is an amazing filmmaker 
    • Made the decisive documentary on the band, Chicago
  • Peter also had a big weight loss journey, himself
    • The cause is personal to him
  • As of today, we are really pushing this campaign
  • The Magic Pill is a good Netflix doc, but ours will be BETTER
    • We will have many of the same experts, but also many more!
    • Also have people from the other side, if they'll be on
  • Our doc will not be boring
    • It will not be just a propaganda movie
      • Hence our bringing on people who don't agree with us
        • Like, we want Michael Greger on this doc
    • Vinnie and Peter are both exciting guys, if this will be anything, it will be entertaining and informative
    • We're going to show a good history on how we got to where we are
  • Vinnie is already out of pocket on this
    • While we are raising a lot of money, it's really all going to go in to making the film
    • Vinnie and Peter aren't going to be making money off of this campaign
    • It is a labor of love 
  • As of Sunday night, we have raised over $20,000 and are about 15% to our goal!
  • We want to raise at least $150,000 to make this a truly good, complete, high quality documentary
    • We want your trust
  • Everyone over here believes we can change more people's lives with this film
    • The biggest missing link in good health is lack of access to information
    • We also want to re-encourage people who perhaps have lost touch with NSNG a bit
  • HELP us make this happen!
    • An idea, if you've lost a lot of weight, give a dollar for every pound you've lost
  • We have a lot of perks out there
    • Some have already sold out 
    • Others available, and we may come out with more!
    • You can be in the movie
    • Vinnie and Serena will fly out to see you for an in-home consult
    • Written transcripts of all interviews
    • Signed conch-shell pic of Vinnie
    • ... and so much more!