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Mar 15, 2019

: Episode 1276 - The amazing Nina Teicholz joins Vinnie this Friday once again and the two talk keto crotch, heart arrhythmia myths, the benefits of eating meat and environmental concerns ("meat-free Mondays"), Nina's work in journalism, and more in this fantastic episode.



  • Nina is a top journalist who works in the realm of health and fitness
  • She has been on this show a number of times
  • Why does she do this?
    • It's not about the money
    • Principally, for her, it's about uncovering the truth
    • The lies in health have such a huge, horrible impact
      • Nina wants to get rid of that
    • One of the most important issues to work on
  • Nina is a huge part of Fat Doc


  • Nina has analyzed the evidence behind these claims
  • Claims are about how eating keto can make you smell bad down there
  • There were 30 stories on major sites in 8 days
  • This came out of NOWHERE
  • These lies are also pretty awful for women
    • Can discourage people from going for a healthy diet due to (wrongly-founded) fear of embarrassment
    • All playing on insecurities - this makes this campaign particularly malicious
  • Nina & colleagues believe this lie is generated by a PR company who represents someone like WW, or something like that
  • Does not come from any science whatsoever


  • There is a new myth saying keto causes heart arrhythmias 
  • Press release came out about an UNpublished UNpeer reviewed study
  • The study has not even been presented yet
  • Completely BS - should not even be talked about yet 
  • A truly terrible study