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Aug 13, 2018

: Episode 1124 - Vinnie and Anna talk Vinnie's Kentucky experience, the word "unkempt", fattening up animals, keto diet myths, and more on this Monday show.



  • Vinnie moved to Kentucky for some time
  • He got sick of Hollywood though eventually moved back
  • He had a conversation in the south where he got railed for saying "unkempt" instead of "unkept"
    • They came back the next day and apologized because Vinnie was correct


  • Cows get heartburn from all the grain
  • They give them crap to combat it
  • Beef that has been grain finished is not that good for you
  • Also, if they use grains to fatten up animals, we should likely not be eating it ourselves
  • Factory farming is a problem
  • Grass-fed beef is the way to go
  • Chicken are supposed to run around


  • There's a study that discusses how in a study with mice, a keto diet may be linked to increased risk of Type 2
    • This was a possible, not definite, correlation in mice, not humans
  • These studies are myths and usually funded by those they support (vegans, grain industry, sugar)
  • The science in the study isn't even right
  • Ketones are the best brain energy
  • You are NOT in emergency or starvation mode when you are in ketosis!!!
  • The controls on this study are likely misrepresented