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Apr 14, 2018

: Episode 1037 - Jill Rieder joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two discuss Jill's amazing weight loss journey, speech impediments and bullying, alcohol, and more.



  • Works in the financial industry
  • Jill drinks olive oil!
  • She's listened to his audio book
    • She started crying upon hearing the book
    • Also a big podcast fan
    • Go get out the audio version, even if you've already read the paper version
  • Jill felt that Vinnie is speaking directly to her via his book and his podcast


  • A large part of Jill's weight loss was cutting out a lot of her drinking
    • Cocktails are so sugary, and beers so wheat-y
  • Jill's lost circa 100 lbs
    • She had social issues largely because of her weight
    • Looks like a totally different person, and is dealing with those social issues as well
  • Found Vinnie via the Carolla effect
    • She had had an emotional breakdown after having a surgery, and her husband had an injury and broke a hip
    • So overwhelmed and knew she needed to do something 
  • Jill was pre-diabetic at this point
  • Her life is now completely turned around
    • Helps her be a great mom to her daughter, too
    • Many of her chronic issues went away
  • She went from existing to truly living