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Sep 7, 2018

: Episode 1141 - Fellow Tulane grad and founder/director of IHMC, Dr. Kenneth Ford, joins Vinnie this Friday and the two discuss his work in the AI and robotics field and elite human performance that results from this science, the benefits of a keto diet (natural and exogenous), and more!



  • Dr. Ford appeared on the show a couple of years ago
  • Computer scientist specializing in artificial intelligence
  • Worked on space exploration, now working on human performance and resilience in extreme environments
  • We need to think hard about how we want to use AI and robotics
    • Just because we CAN use it, doesn't mean we should
  • He is CEO for Florida Institute of Human and Machine Cognition


  • Much of the work that Dr. Ford does is around improving and sustaining human performance
  • We now can track performance which allows us to improve performance
  • There are drugs that can simulate exercise
    • For athletes, they would be performance enhancing
    • For people who are bed-ridden or astronauts, these drugs are very important
  • The most impressive records are those that have been held for a long time
  • We can continue to increase performance -- we have not reached the pinnacle
  • As we get older, performance and health tend to merge
    • As a world-class athlete when you're young, you are not necessarily healthy
  • The natural state of ketosis is pretty well understood and has big effects
    • Exogenous ketosis is less well understood and benefits are not as clear
      • They will be looking at this further 
    • Ketosis from liver production is a different state than if you ingest exogenous ketones