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Jul 16, 2016

: Episode 637 - Listener Jim ask Vinnie for advice on overcoming the temptations that derail his NSNG journey. Jim is a very large man and Vinnie recommends that he seek professional help.



  • Works a job at a software company in Culver City 
  • Found Vinnie from Abel James
  • Is around 500lbs and has been for a good while
  • He'd diet, lose 50-100 and then gain back 150-200lbs
  • Is 52 years old and 5'7"
  • Has only been able to do NSNG for 8 days without eating sugar or grains
    • Getting the momentum is the hardest part!
    • It really is hard to not fall off the wagon


  • Vinnie thinks he needs to find a way to get to 30 days of NSNG
    • Get your body moving in the right direction
  • Obesity Code by Jason Fung is a great read
  • There is no shame in seeking professional help for sugar and grain addiction
  • Seek professionals like Fung or Rosedale who can help your body settle down from what has been going on 
  • Jim isn't weak -- it is an addiction and one can be strong and still feel the need to give in 
    • Food is one of the hardest addictions to break 
  • Vinnie believes he needs to find this help now 
  • A doctor can help him monitor what he is doing