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Nov 23, 2018

: Episode 1196 - Dr. Kevin Folta joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk genetically modified food, organic food, the health implications genetic manipulations of foods, and more on this fascinating 1 on 1! 



  • Dr. Folta has been studying DNA manipulation since he was a kid
  • He is a GMO expert
  • Has a PhD in molecular biology
  • Works largely in horticulture (runs the department at UF)


  • There are different ways to do this
  • We can breed certain fruits a certain way, for example, to get the desired effect
  • We can also genetically modify seeds in the lab 
  • Additionally, we can put chemicals on plants while they grow to affect their growth
  • Now, we can provide more fruits and veggies nearly all year round
    • This is a score for public health in general
    • Not really a thing when Vinnie and Dr. Folta were kids 
  • Organic is still a production system
    • For example, still using insecticides, just different types
  • Genetic engineering is actually changing the DNA in the lab
    • Add resistance, other things
    • Genetically modified food can be good!
  • We are starting to grow produce in cities, making them healthy and happy
    • Making this happen is largely what Dr. Folta is working on in his lab
  • People don't really understanding genetic modification
    • Assume it's evil when it can be good
    • It's not so black and white 
    • Genetic modification is going into human beings - this is the more controversial subject
      • Dr. Folta thinks we are close to being able to prevent things like heart disease predisposition, etc. 
  • We do allow technology to change (and improve) the lives of people 
    • This can be a good thing, if done responsibly!