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May 21, 2018

: Episode 1064 - The beautiful Anna Vocino joins Vinnie Tortorich on this Monday show, and the two talk the amazing backers of the Fat Documentary (please donate or share with friends here - we are over 50% funded), hair dressers and great hair, planking, family history, evil food wrappers, and more!



  • Dry bars are very prevalent in LA
  • They will wash and style your hair
  • It's often very expensive but very well done!
  • They can do your hair however it is
  • Vinnie and Anna both have great hair
  • Vinnie has found some good hair stuff at Planet Beauty
  • There are some funny '90s shampoo ads - Orgasm Shampoo, as an example


  • Studies saying that fast food wrappers can be dangerous
  • Sure, the chemicals likely aren't good for you
  • However, the food contained within them is the MAIN issue
  • Yes, plastic wrappers are bad
    • But CARBS are the true problem