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Mar 16, 2018

: Episode 1016 - Filmmaker and director Peter Pardini joins Vinnie to discuss documentaries he has made, Peter's weight loss journey, fitness, and more on this Friday show.



  • Attended film school at Cal State Northridge
    • He met people there, but it was frustrating because they didn't have a directing program
    • He just made his own films over the summer
  • Made an amazing documentary on the band Chicago
    • On various movie providers, check it out!
    • His uncle was in the band at one point
    • CNN aired this documentary
    • Catch it on Netflix
  • Peter had to lose weight himself
    • He was told to cut bread and sweets
    • He was on the road while he began to ate better
    • Moving around a good deal
    • Lost 90 lbs in about a year and a half
      • 169 lbs
      • While he was making the film, he gained about 70 lbs back
        • Up to 238 again
          • Followed NSNG and lost about 22 lbs since he started in September