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Jun 18, 2018

: Episode 1084 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday show, and the two discuss our Amazon winner of the week, Vinnie's smart people theory, holiday eating, fake muscle crap, and more!



  • There are plenty of very smart people who are very fat
    • Don is one of them
  • He's addicted to what sugar does for him
  • Everyone is addicted to sugar
  • Vinnie has two ways to stop the sugar eating
    • 1. He drinks some coffee or espresso at night after having the cake to just go to bed and be done with it
    • 2. He tells people he's "counting calories" because most people understand that language
  • The issue with sugar, you wake up even hungrier!
  • Try to put your blinders on 
  • You must make sure that you get over the sugar-craving hump after you eat it once and don't get back into the groove of eating lots of it
  • It's hard for smart people to go against everything they've been told for such a long time
    • We are fed lies most of our lives
    • It's counter intuitive to many that eating fat would not make you fat
  • Commit to 30-60 days of real true NSNG before you consider it all 
  • People trick others with bro science and lots of big words 
    • Try to make a lot of money off of this BS 
    • Bro Science = BS ... coincidence? I think not.