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Aug 4, 2018

: Episode 1117 - Listener Pat Bell joins Vinnie this Saturday to discuss helpful phone consults, Vinnie sightings, becoming comfortable in your own skin, experiencing nature, the importance of “why”, and more!



  • Pat has done two consults
    • Both paid for by her son
  • The first consult was a surprise for Pat
  • Pat originally got on board because her son introduced NSNG to her
  • One of the highlights of phone consults is it validates, clarifies, defines and refines what you’re trying to do
    • Helps you become comfortable in your own skin
    • For some people, that’s losing 5 lbs, for another, 150 lbs


  • Nature is entertainment enough
    • It is Vinnie’s idea of religion
  • It should be awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping
  • Pat is a teacher, likes to give people reasons to notice the importance of activities — such as enjoying nature
    • If folks are not ready to learn or listen, it becomes very difficult to teach
    • Encouraging asking questions is important
  • Vinnie’s nephews were on the John Muir trail and were too busy looking at their watches and phones during the hike
    • Vinnie just wished they appreciated the experience more because it really is the experience of the lifetime
  • The ocean is also the wilderness
    • Pat is an ocean lover
    • So is Vinnie, particularly now that he’s ocean kayaking
  • When you walk into nature, it is a whole new world
    • Particularly in the ocean, especially since you cannot see a lot of what is going on below the water
    • A pretty cool realization
  • Many don’t realize what is out there until they experience it themselves