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Aug 17, 2018

: Episode 1126 - Vinnie Tortorich and Filmmaker Peter Pardini talk working in the film and TV industry, and provide an exciting update on Fat, the Documentary on this Friday show!



  • The Fat Doc is being worked on steadily
  • You can STILL support this venture (people are still donating)
  • We have tons of luminaries, including those with other points of view
  • This doc is 28 years in the making
  • People are finally knowing the truth! That carbs are the enemy and fat is good
    • All of the doctors and those well versed in this will explain this in detail in the doc
  • We want to make sure that nobody else can control what we do or do not put in this film
    • The more money we get, the more we can make sure that happens
    • Vinnie is putting his own money in 
  • They interviewed a lot of people at Low Carb USA which was great