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Oct 22, 2018

[libsyn_podcast id=7265213] : Episode 1174 - Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich talk energy expenditure and energy gain from NSNG, the fact that gastric bypasses are a bad option for sustainable health benefits, vegans, the progress being made on the Fat Doc, and more on this Monday show.



  • Failure is no longer a thing
  • Everyone is a winner
  • Nobody has motivation to do well becaus everyone is treated like they do well even when they don't
  • For Vinnie, his motivation to do well in Theology class was to get to play football
  • Failing is a good thing, and we should be able to fail
  • It's a great motivator 
  • Not everyone is a champion
  • We learn from failure!


  • Many people say they can't get off the couch because they have no energy 
  • One of the men who spoke to Vinnie recently said before low carb, he had no energy
    • Didn't play actively with his kids
  • Eventually, started going to the gym
  • Now he has lots of energy and always wants to take it to the next step 
  • A lot of it is hormones 
  • If you are obese and eating lots of carbs your brain still treats you like you're starving because of your diet
    • You need to break this cycle, have your brain feel fulfilled and ready to work
    • Low carb allows for this 
  • Fat is the best energy!
  • The high fat part of NSNG is just as important as the low carb
  • The energy change will follow the dietary change
  • You will need to get moving because of all the energy you have!