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May 11, 2018

: Episode 1056 - The fantastic Dr. Rangan Chatterjee joins Vinnie in this fantastic luminary podcast, where the two discussDr. Chatterjee's journey to get to where he is as a doctor, his experience on Doctor in the House, his new book How to Make a Disease Disappear, and more! Dr. Rangan Chatterjee will be a part of Vinnie's upcoming documentary, Fat.  Please support it here, monetarily, or by sharing it with your friends.



  • Out of med school, he was so excited to help people
    • Attended University of Edinburgh Medical School
  • However, he felt in medicine he was too focused
    • Became a generalist, because he wanted to see how all parts of the body worked together
  • Frustrated that most of his day was filling out prescriptions and handing out pills
    • This didn't even help most of his patients! 
  • His son, as a baby, nearly died from Vitamin D deficiency
    • He thought, "how did this happen to my son, and how did I, a doctor, know nothing about it?"
    • Many babies have this deficiency, and doctors don't talk about it relatively often
    • This started his mission to figure out how to permanently fix his son 
    • He ended up reading so much info that could help others, too!
  • He finally understood the root causes of conditions
  • Found himself with a TV show called Doctor In The House
    • He has helped people reverse panic attacks, type 2 Diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc.
      • A woman went from in the type 2 Diabetic range to normal in around a month period
      • She also lost a good amount of weight in the process
      • He did this by cutting out sugars and grains and processed foods
      • Many of these diseases come from inflammation
    • He didn't want the fights on TV, but he also wanted to help as many people as possible
      • Some tried to sway him from his ultra-successful approach
      • People got scared from the other (wrong) sources even though his results were amazing
      • Social media is fortunately allowing for the rapid exchange of info, so more people are learning about the good
  • Main factors for our health -
    • Four pillars: 
    • Sleep more
    • Move more
    • Relax more
    • And we need to cut out these junk, processed foods!
  • Just released a new book, How to Make a Disease Disappear
    • Already a bestseller, and one of Vinnie's must-reads


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