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Apr 13, 2018

: Episode 1036 - The renowned Dr. Drew, a good friend of Vinnie's, joins Vinnie today to discuss his work, addiction and prescription drugs, cholesterol, heart health, and more.



  • An incredibly busy man
  • He has a radio show 
  • Does some outpatient work as well
  • Appears on several podcasts, including Carolla
  • When you have worked 100 more hours a week as he once did as a hospital doctor, being hard-working in Hollywood is not so bad
  • A big egg guy
    • Has some heart issues in his family 


  • We now look at symptoms as a diagnosis
  • ADD meds are a big problem in our society
  • Many kids are over-prescribed
  • More trauma, more drugs
  • Adderral is a huge problem in schools
    • High schools and colleges
    • A PED that messes up your brain
  • Statins are another problem, too
    • Many who eat NSNG come off of their statins which is funny because they're eating more fat and meat
    • Vinnie is not a doctor
  • Many athletes take inhalers for effects similar to other PEDs