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Jun 16, 2017

: Episode 838 - Cardiologist Dr. William Davis talks a little about his new book Undoctored and how the profit-motivated healthcare system has resulted in doctors who may not have our best interests in mind when they treat us.



  • Very prominent cardiologist
  • Author of one of Vinnie's favorite books, Wheat Belly
    • Part of what helped Vinnie realize that grains are the problem!
  • DEFINITELY check him out if you are cutting out grains
  • Check out his website here
  • New book, Undoctored, discusses how healthcare industry is self-interested
  • A true expert in the field


  • Money motivates doctors
  • Because the sugar industry controls so much, often doctors become pariahs if they speak out against sugar and grain
    • Ex: The treatment of Dr. Tim Noakes in South Africa shows how this is so true and sad worldwide  
    • This leads them to valuing their best interest over ours
      • Don't tell us the truth about nutrition
  • A lot of the time, doctors are part of the problem
    • Dr. Davis tries to uncover the truths behind that in his new book
  • Doctors can make us sicker - we keep coming back to them
    • Must break this cycle somehow
    • We must look out for ourselves
      • Become an "unpatient"