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Sep 21, 2018

: Episode 1151 - Dr. Tony Hampton joins Vinnie this Friday to discuss diet and diabetes, intermittent fasting, cultural diversity as it relates to health, environmental effects on health, and more!



  • Check out his website here!
  • Practices in Chicago
  • Became interested in diabetes more enthusiastically when his wife was diagnosed
    • Easier to care more when it is in your home
  • "Breakfast as the most important meal" was a campaign by Quaker
    • NOT eating breakfast is actually healthier
  • Particularly serves African American clients
  • Help as many people as possible not have a bad outcome while still allowing them to maintain their culture 
  • People only seek things that justify their approach
    • THAT'S a huge issue with health
    • People aren't willing to hear that they're wrong
    • LOOK for alternate opinions and delve into them
  • Dr. Hampton is a straight shooter - These are the facts, here is the evidence. Here's what to do with that.


  • When Dr. Hampton really started looking into all of this, he found the works of Jason Fung, and others like him 
  • He realized the diabetes meds only treat the syptoms
  • People still have heart attacks and strokes while on meds
  • He wanted to treat the cause, not the symptoms
  • Realized insulin resistance was the problem
    • Took YouTube, not med school, to learn this
  • Dr. Hampton had some diabetes patients that tried intermittent fasting with incredible results
  • IF saves money and time
  • Wrote a fantastic book - Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes


  • IF allows your body to heal more
  • You need to rest to heal
  • Even if you're lean, your body has enough fat (especially when the meals you do eat are fatty) to make energy
  • Went from 5% to 40-50% engagement once he pressed a big meat diet!
    • Previously recommended vegetarian diet
  • Show people how to eat, keep it simple


  • How you eat, and your health depends on your environment
  • For example, in stressful environments, your hormones will be messed up and easier to eat crap
  • Socio-economic status has a large effect
    • Poorer communities tend to eat worse
  • Some of it is culture!
    • Ex: not eating chili with corn bread is blasphemous in some communities
    • Have to thing of it in terms of choices: ex: if I don't eat the pasta, I can keep my eyesight 
  • Also, don't put your life in the hands of others
    • Use your choices to educate others in your environment