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Jan 2, 2019

: Episode 1225 - The beautiful Serena Scott Thomas joins Vinnie for the first episode of 2019, where the two talk beef tallow, nitrates & nitrites, the psychology of veganism, demonizing meat, the recent Tortorich Fat Doc screening, and more this Wednesday.



  • Adding tallow is a great way to add more fat to your meal
  • Vinnie will sometimes cook burgers with it 
  • Rendered bacon grease is also good
  • Vinnie doesn't refrigerate his, so don't worry if you don't, too


  • Nitrates and Nitrites are not bad like they're made out to be
    • Largely a marketing scheme
    • People believe these are bad because militant vegans have come out saying these cause cancer, other ailments
      • These studies are largely funded by dirty money
    • This is one way to go out of meat
  • Vegans always looking for ways to demonize any animal products
  • Eggs DO NOT cause diabetes
  • Milk and cheese and the like is not just puss