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May 20, 2018

SUNDAY SHOW CONTENT WARNING - This show does contain one expletive as well as reference to a Saturday listener interview with some sexual content.

: Episode 1063 - Tallulah joins Vinnie this Sunday for Vinnie's Sunday School, and the two talk PVC's new Ultra Salt electrolyte, crazy daycare mandates that require children to eat food that is bad for them, the Fat Doc, and more!



  • Check out PVC's newest product!
  • This capsule is great, made of the best salt Vinnie and Andy could find
  • You can also open it up and dissolve it in water
  • Gatorade is straight sugar, and has little to no electrolytes
  • This product is pure, just like the rest of what we offer!


  • Recently, a FB group user posted a question
    • "Why does this fat doc need to happen?"
  • Her answer: people need to know the truth so that children are not forced to eat food that is bad for them
  • Her child was required to eat goldfish and vanilla wafers 
  • Had to get a PRESCRIPTION from a doctor so that the young child could eat fruits and veggies instead
  • We need to get the right information out there so we don't poison our children
  • We hope that this Fat Documentary, which you can donate to here, will make that difference