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Dec 1, 2018

: Episode 1202 - The amazing Mike Dawson joins Vinnie this Saturday, and the two talk Dawson's podcast history, his upcoming philanthropic holiday party, and more.



  • Dawson does the intro and outro to these podcasts
  • He doesn't really listen to podcasts other than the Adam Carolla Show
  • Neither he nor Vinnie will listen to their previously recorded podcasts 
  • Participated in the first annual national guac fest
  • Check out his Twitter: @DawsAngeles
  • Buy the "Ghost" audiobook here!
  • He's hosting a philanthropic Holiday Party - Dec. 7th - Dawson is hosting
    • Benefitting cancer patients
    • At South Bay Customs 
    • Come with your pockets full and ready to give 
      • $20 at the door
    • Slushi Mangoritas will be flowing
    • Four bands will be performing
    • We have awesome raffle items available