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Jul 16, 2018

: Episode 1104 - This Monday, Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich talk lies about salt and sodium, Vinnie's headphone debacle, the trend of treating customers as criminals, corn oil, and more. 



  • Salt does not make you puffy, sugar does
  • It isn't sodium that's raising your blood pressure
  • Vinnie takes in TONS of salt every day and is not puffy at all 
  • All of the doctors that have been on this show pretty much agree
    • One even really began his career by refuting the idea that salt is bad for you


  • Vinnie was treated like a criminal when trying to return broken headphones
    • They set themselves up to be scammed, and all Vinnie wanted was to cash in his warranty 
  • For hiking, Vinnie buys heavy duty bear spray at REI
  • They're locked away so people don't "hold the place up" with bear spray
  • In the south, guns are out on racks for the taking
    • Such a different world!
  • At REI, the fleeces were locked up, too
  • Apparently people still these often
  • A lot of it is because people steal confidently and stores refuse to intervene for safety reasons


  • Corn oil is NOT good for you
  • Dr. Oz used to dislike it
    • Now, he is sponsored by them and is promoting it as "versatile" and capable of "lowering cholesterol"
  • Mazola is the sponsor that sells a horrible product 
  • Oz just cares about money 
    • He lies to people 
  • If you want oil, USE OLIVE OIL