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Aug 3, 2018

[libsyn_podcast id=6882836] : Episode 1116 - Joe Heitzeberg joins Vinnie and Serena this Friday to discuss Joe's company, Crowd Cow, ethically raised meat, the health benefits of red meat, and more.



  • Joe started a company called Crowd Cow
  • Here, you can buy meat from small vendors, you know who produces it and how it is produced
    • Animals that are treated well and killed humanely
  • You basically are sharing a cow with other people on the site
  • Not just cows, salmon, chickens, and many other meats
  • Serena has a hard time eating meat, but when she knows where it comes from and that it is raised well, it makes it easier
  • Check out Crowd Cow here! Buy your meat here!
    • Higher quality, better raised
  • We all, at some level, want to know where our food comes from and when you buy in the grocery store, you really have no idea
  • There aren't many great natural sources of protein other than red meat
    • Red meat & eggs are the two true superfoods
    • Shawn Baker is an example of this


  • Cooking grass-fed beef is different -- Crowd Cow provides recipes for all different cuts, types, etc.
    • They provide individual cuts, cut combos, and tons of different types of beef
  • Some are tougher, some more fragrant
  • Vinnie isn't a big cow organ guy, but some folks are and Crowd Cow sells organs too
    • Be particularly careful with where organs come from
    • Joe recommends browning and coating, throwing in carrots, mushrooms, etc to make it better
  • Tongue is hard to find
    • Grilled tongue is a top-level type of food
      • Cooked for up to two days, thinly sliced, then marinated and grilled


  • Many small farms which prevent over-development and pollution go out of business every year
  • If you support companies like Crowd Cow, you are saving these farms and helping the environment
  • Small farms also better in and of themselves in regards to pollution
    • Less mass production, less pollution


  • Joe has a book on "craft beef"
  • He learned not all grass-fed beef is created equal
  • Big producer TRUCK IN GRASS to feed cows and they get to count as "grass-fed"