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Oct 12, 2018

: Episode 1166 - Dr. Titus Chiu joins Vinnie Tortorich this Friday, and the two talk his Dr. Chiu's work as a functional neurologist, concussions and post-concussion syndrome, the effects of carbs on the brain, ways to optimize brain health, and more!



  • He is a functional neurologist
  • Specializes in post-concussion syndrome
  • He got hit by a car and thrown 10-15 ft in the air
    • His helmet flew off after his head hit the ground
    • Had no specific symptoms to begin with of post-concussion syndrome, but could not help his neck pain/issues
      • His brother really helped him 
  • This pushed Dr. Chiu back to school, studying the brain, etc.
  • Had some bad mental issues about 5 years after the issue
    • This is what made him think he maybe had post-concussion syndrome 
  • Check out his amazing book, BrainSAVE, here


  • One of the most vulnerable populations for concussions and post-concussion syndrome is female soccer players
  • No Sugar No Grains is a recommendation of Dr. Chiu for his concussion patients
  • Peoples' emotional brains affect their brain health
  • If you have lots of stress, it can make the concussion or post-concussion hang around for ages
  • Body inflammation makes a big difference because it leads to brain inflammation
  • Low carb is great for optimizing the brain
  • Emotional brain and chemical brain both very important
  • Stay off of alcohol to allow your brain to heal 
  • The brain DOES NOT need 'sugar' to live 
    • This is a very misunderstood topic
    • The brain can use ketone bodies instead of sugar
      • Ketones are actually superfuel for the chemical brain
      • Ketosis can make your mind sharp as a tack
        • Sustained energy
    • You can actually get insulin resistance in the brain from too much sugar - this is bad
  • Relaxation, enjoyment, socialization is incredibly important for the emotional brain
  • The new smoking is being glued to digital screens for the brain
    • Addictive because it boosts dopamine
    • It's important, even if you don't have a concussion, to take time off of electronics and screens