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Apr 4, 2018

: Episode 1030 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie this Wednesday, and the two debunk the lie around a coffee chemical upon which California is attempting to pass a law.



  • California is trying to add a "warning" label to coffee 
    • They want to say its a carcinogen
  • Acrylamide is the chemical, and it occurs NATURALLY when the beans are roasted
    • Coconut oil, salted fish, aloe vera ALL have this chemical
    • This is something that happens naturally, so we really shouldn't worry!
    • Coffee stores and companies are going to have to pay per person for this 
      • That being said, this does NOT affect Pure Coffee Club - we want to make that clear
  • SERT suing companies such as Starbucks, Yum Yum Donuts, etc.
    • Started from a study done in Sweden on rats
      • Proved carcinogenic increased RISK when rats consumed ONE THOUSAND to TEN THOUSAND as much times acrylamide than anyone would consume from eating healthy foods and drinking coffee
  • There is nothing wrong with the amount of acrylamide in coffee
  • Coffee is good for you!
  • Look it up, acrylamide isn't bad -- so long as you aren't injecting your blood with straight acrylamide
    • You'd have to drink 450 16 oz cups of coffee a day for YEARS for the risk to increase at all from this substance