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Apr 2, 2018

: Episode 1029 - Anna joins Vinnie this Monday to discuss PVC's Vitamin D and varying vitamin levels in different folks, fighting inflammation naturally, coffee and cancer, and more!



  • Just released our capsule
  • 15% discount on the website this upcoming week
  • We make it with Villa Cappelli Olive Oil
  • Many many people are Vitamin D deficient 
  • People with absorption problems, for example
    • Folks with darker skin
    • Those who always use sun screen when they're outside
    • People who don't really get outside
    • And more!
  • Go to your doctor and get a blood test
    • Don't just guess


  • Vinnie has been paddling a lot and has some extra inflammation
  • Olive oil, vitamins, antioxs, all good to fight inflammation
  • Sugar is inflammatory
    • If you really want to fight inflammation, stop eating sugar and grains
    • You WILL feel the difference
  • Make sure your anti-inflamms don't have sugar in them
    • Counter productive


  • There are many reputable cancer foundations/research centers that posit that drinking coffee reduces risk of cancer
  • Crazy amounts from a few cups of coffee a day
  • California, however, is trying to fight coffee, make it less healthy, and harder to get
    • People saying that when you roast/burn the beans, it makes them carcinogenic
      • This is simply not true
  • Trying to make bad something good!
    • Shows how messed up the food and drink/health and fitness national industry is
    • This is a witch hunt