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Aug 10, 2018

: Episode 1121 - Cardiologist Dr. Nadir Ali joins Vinnie today to discuss Nadir's impression of India, keto cardiology, vegan myths, cholesterol (specifically the many important functions of LDL), and more on this Friday show!



  • Dr. Ali is originally from India though he practices in the US
  • It's tough because many Indians are vegans and cows are considered sacred
    • One must respect this
    • The lowest consumption of meat
    • Much higher prevalence of type 2 diabetes there 
    • It must be a cultural and political change 
      • Indians can eat successfully though it requires a fundamental change in thinking
  • A keto cardiologist!
  • Many people lack knowledge of human digestion
    • Being vegan is often unrealistic nor decided from a critical perspective
    • People don't know what is and what is not ACTUALLY healthy digestion wise
  • We need to improve the dialogue around nutrition 
  • Dr. Ali's wheelhouse is cholesterol
    • He looks at ALL numbers
    • Cardiologists on a whole are completely uneducated on cholesterol 
    • Cholesterol has KEY functions in your body
    • Paradox between LDL cholesterol and insulin resistance 
    • LDL can go up, and that can be okay!
    • We need to educate public, and the public will demand the change
  • Put patients on low carb diets, diabetic patients got off of meds but their LDL went up
    • He had to figure out that LDL is okay and necessary! 
    • Most cardiologists are unwilling to change their thinking or consider alternatives
  • Med school teaching often fails 
  • Appreciates Dave Feldman's work