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Jul 12, 2019

: Episode 1361 - Dr. Malcolm Kendrick joins Vinnie for his second appearance on this podcast, and the two discuss LDL and heart health, the lies about cholesterol, science deniers, his new book A Statin Nation, harmful effects of statins, and more on this Friday show.




  • Check out his first appearance on this podcast here
  • He is a Scottish doctor
  • Check out his website here
  • He and Vinnie both experienced Wikipedia white-washing
    • 'Vegan warriors' and the like tried to get him removed for being a 'cholesterol denialist'
      • All so arbitrary
  • Believes we are designed to eat animal meat, and it is completely healthy
    • He's, however, not attacked by the vegans like Vinnie is
      • Probably an American thing
  • He's been called a 'statin denier' by these ridiculous attack groups that don't know what they're talking about
    • Dr. Kendrick does not think statins are the right course of action
      • Statins have horrible side-effects and cholesterol is not necessarily a bad thing
  • Conducted and studied many data-driven, credible studies
    • Found that those with higher LDL lived longer
      • Looked at 19 studies 
      • People said it was wrong but had no reasons that it was wrong
      • Cholesterol can be a good thing
    • Saturated fats used in this study
      • Used coconut oil and saw 
  • Cholesterol that stays the same or goes up just a bit up over time is an indication of health
    • However, stress and cholesterol can seem related
      • Consider things like smoking, though
  • Agrees that there was no evidence for all of that 'science' the US put out regarding diet and health
  • Dr. Kendrick is putting together the true causes of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
    • There are so many lies, and he wants to expose the truth
  • Also, check out his new book, A Statin Nation, here