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Sep 9, 2018

: Episode 1143 - Vinnie and Gina talk children's parties, double bread bowls, on this Sunday School episode.



  • When Vinnie was a kid, kids didn't have parties every year
    • When they did have parties, they were small
  • Tallulah went to huge parties
    • Trapeze, go-karting, other crazy fun and expensive activities
    • She went to a celeb's kid's party
      • The security guards at the door wouldn't let parents in
        • They had a list at the door with body guards and the whole thing
  • Vinnie wants to reinstate pin the tail on the donkey


  • Panera serves their already-carby dishes in BREAD bowls
  • Literally carve the bread out of the bowl, put the mac n cheese or chili in the bowl, and put the excess bread on the side
  • This is ridiculous! We have gone on the rails!
    • It used to be a tiny portion of something carby on the side
    • Now the bread is the main entrée
  • You are walking away the loser if you eat that
    • It is SO bad for you
  • Price of everything, EXCEPT FOR CARBS, has gone down
    • This is concerning in and of itself