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Jul 2, 2018

: Episode 1094 - The amazing Anna Vocino joins Vinnie this Monday, and the two talk the Zoom, the fact that calories aren't what count, new food labeling, replacement foods, and more!



  • Vinnie and Anna recorded this podcast with Zoom
  • They have transitioned away from Skype because Skype is annoying and unreliable
  • With Zoom, they can video themselves and record it, as well as screen share, etc.
  • Check out this podcast on Youtube as well!
  • You can actually see the two of them chatting and the whole thing


  • CICO = calorie in calorie out
  • As of May 5th, chain restaurants require calorie counts on menus
  • This is BAD because it is reinforcing this notion that CICO is what matters
  • There is NO WAY that eggs are worse than a "low cal" dessert just because the calorie content is lower
  • While this type of thing may be well intentioned, it is sabotaging people who want to lose weight/get healthier but do not know
  • Sure, you can starve yourself and lose some weight, but it is NOT healthy nor sustainable
  • Vinnie isn't saying eating 5000 calories a day, but eating well is more important than eating less
  • CICO is way worse


  • Gone from new labels on foods is calories from fats
  • Additionally, serving size is being standardized
  • Except, small chip bags will just be one serving to simplify
    • This is great because it will take some confusion out of it
  • Total carb consumption will be lowered so that %s will be greater for fewer carbs
  • Transfats being removed!
    • About time because sat fats can be good
  • "Natural sugars" will be listed on bars
    • This is a way to trick folks again
    • Just because sugars are 'natural' does not mean they're okay
    • Your liver can't tell the difference
  • Most important thing: READ INGREDIENTS!


  • A lot of people try to make replacement foods
  • Ex: low-carb bread for sandwiches
  • This can be dangerous because it reinforces your craving for the food
  • Anna only makes fat-head pizza every once in a couple months
  • It's hard for people to convince themselves that they don't need foods like bread or pasta, etc.


    • She is NSNG and has lost weight and seen many health benefits
      • Size 16 to size 8
      • Also has incredible increased energy
    • She posted on her FB page about her journey and why NSNG works
    • See below