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Sep 10, 2018

: Episode 1144 - Anna Vocino and Leah Richardson join Vinnie today, and the two discuss Vinnie's upcoming guacamole judgeship, Dr. Drew's birthday party, BS health bars and no-carb drinks, ketone monitors and more on this Monday show!



  • Vinnie wasn't going to go because Vinnie is not really a party guy
  • Megan talked him into it
  • He had to drive so he couldn't drink
    • Vinnie is an excellent fake-drinker
  • Was a big, awesome event
  • Vinnie met Gina's boyfriend who is awesome 
  • Drew remained NSNG at the party!
  • People went up to Vinnie and were introducing themselves because they knew him/listen to the show 


  • Leah bought a "Think Thin" bar
  • There are so many of these types of bars
  • They're all awful for you
  • They look healthy and sound healthy at first, but they AREN'T healthy
  • This bar has 21g of sugar alcohol alone
    • This WILL hurt your stomach!!!
  • Nutrition facts that focus on calories being low are usually BS
  • Has tons of ingredients she can't pronounce
  • Soy is NOT good for you and gives you a lot of inflammation
  • Sugar alcohol won't cause an insulin spike but it is not good for you
    • Can spark hormonal response to make you want to eat more sugar, get tired, etc.
  • Your body was NEVER meant to eat chemicals
  • Natural flavors can include some anal juices from beavers