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Jul 1, 2016

: Episode 628 - Vinnie interviews Gina Grad, co-host of Mark in the Morning on 100.3 KSWD The Sound in Los Angeles as well as the Adam Carolla Show, talk about her weight loss journey, her NSNG success, and breaking through NSNG plateaus.



  • In the Carolla Digital Family
    • 'Newsgirl' 
  • Also co-hosts "Mark in the Morning"
  • Works out before work -- wakes up 'conservatively' at 4am
  • SECOND best voice in podcast radio -- behind Anna Vocino of course 
  • Experimented with all the different diets; calorie restriction, point system 
    • Her favorite? 
      • NSNG! Works the best and is a lifestyle rather than a diet


  • Always quite a bit harder for women
    • Often women have hormonal problems as well, as do men but more common in women 
  • Most people do plateau and then give up because they lose faith -- one must keep on keeping on
  • Test to see what works for you 
    • take out dairy one week, fruits another, etc., to see how your body reacts to different foods