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Jan 13, 2019

: Episode 1233 - This Sunday, we take a look back at one of Vinnie's fantastic luminary podcasts, his second interview with Dr. Shawn Baker recorded early last year. This podcast is particularly relevant to the upcoming Fat Doc, as part of the discussion in the documentary focuses on the vilification of red meat and animal fat in general.

Dr. Shawn Baker joins Vinnie, and the two incredibly healthy meat eaters discuss all-meat (carnivore) diets, benefits of eating animal fat, hate mail, the myth that we need carbs, and more!



  • Shawn has only had coffee a handful of times
    • Tried Vinnie's coffee, his first coffee in the last 15 years
  • Shawn is a doctor (a surgeon, in fact), and also quite the athlete
    • Bit of a world famous rower
      • Broke an indoor rowing record recently
      • Continues to beat Concept 2 records
      • He is 51 and the 20-somethings have trouble keeping up with him 
    • 772 lb dead lift
      • Drug free organization
      • About 20 years ago
    • Discus/track & field champion
  • Agrees that you do not need to carbo load before working out or competing
  • Shawn eats meat - ALL the time!
  • Also tries to fight Bro Science in nutrition and sports
  • Those who say "don't eat too much meat" are well-intentioned but misguided
    • This research is based on bad science
    • Ignore the fact that CARBS might be making these peoples' health bad
  • Shawn has muscles for days
    • He is also in peak health condition
  • Part of the "zero carb" movement
    • Extreme ketosis
  • Shawn definitely does receive hate mail
    • It's pretty polarizing, but he tries to laugh about it
  • If you tell people we should eat meat like we have been for the last millions of years, people attack you!
  • The epidemiology that says eggs and meat will give you disease is awful work
    • The research that "supports" such hypotheses is cherry-picked and ignores variables that actually cause disease, such as sugar intake and the like
    • No direct association
    • Ex: you get a sunburn from eating ice cream
  • Our bodies do not require carbs
    • Our body can turn fats and proteins into glucose
  • Fiber is also not a necessity
    • Can be helpful depending on what your diet looks like 
  • Fun fact: Shawn has smaller bowel movements, as do most who are low/no-carb because you are using up more of your nutritious food, and there is less waste!