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Apr 21, 2018

: Episode 1042 - Listener Dan joins Vinnie and talks about his transition to NSNG, working out a ton, and how Vinnie and Nicole can sometimes offer advice that saves lives.



  • 56, about 5"11.5
  • Was 215 or 220 - now 165
  • He saw pictures of himself and knew he needed to get healthier
    • He did low-fat low-calorie, and went to the gym for HOURS a day
    • He did not lose weight exercising
      • It makes you feel good, and helps your muscles, but is crap for weight loss
  • Realized he didn't have enough life insurance for this, and needed to change his lifestyle 
  • He knew of too many people dying of heart attacks in 40s and 50s
  • Started NSNG, and weight began coming right off!
    • He is still exercising because he loves it
      • Not quite as much anymore


  • He didn't want to do a battery of expensive tests, nor did his doctors because he was doing low calorie for a long time
    • Eventually, after too many of his colleagues and friends died, he went in 
  • Got a stress test and a CT scan 
    • Found calcified stuff in his arteries, but they upped his statins
  • Then, he did a consult with Vinnie and Nicole 
    • Nicole realized how serious it was 
    • Nicole said, you had the wrong test, you need a particular test
  • When he got this test, doctor said he needed to follow up with another test
  • In the next test, the doctors found that his right artery was almost completely blocked (coronary angiogram)
    • Had a stint put in on the spot
    • Could easily have died very shortly after had he not had this test
  • Consults with Nicole (and Vinnie) truly can be worth it 
  • Don't take everyone's advice
    • Do your research, go to people you know a lot about and really trust